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It is not our birth, but what we do with the gift of life that defines us.

Sad truth.

The American Pitbull Terrier/the American Staffordshire terrier (amstaff) is a wonderful dog.  With the right training, it can be just about what ever you want it to be… Whether that’s a dog that plays with your children, that guards your home or business, or attacks and kills other dogs for your enjoyment.

I’ll be adding more to this later on. I have lots of thoughts on the subject.


I love pitbulls.  Every single one I’ve met, from big burly balls of muscle, to one that was just a little bigger than a large beagle, has been such a sweetheart.  Big teddy bears.  I want one so badly.  They’re wonderful dogs.


Yes, originally they were bred to fight other dogs.  That IS their origin, so being dog agressive can be in their genetics.  All dogs were bread for some purpose.  Hounds were bread to chase and hunt down prey, and yet I have seen them just plain loving on smaller animals.  And not just cats.  On rabbits, guinea pigs, and other things that they would normally see as prey.

I have two Jack Russel Terriers (Parson Russel?), and they chase rabbits and squirrels like there’s no tomorrow.  But because of the way we trained them, they DON’T go after the chickens we have.  Because we TRAINED THEM.

Dogs are NOT their origins.  They are what their humans make them.  Yes, there are genetic predispositions. But that doesn’t always decide the kind of being the dog will be.  Every APBT and APBT mix that I have met had been a sweetheart, because of their loving owners that take the time to train them well so that they can enjoy a full and wonderful life.

Some pits ARE dog aggressive.  We can’t escape that.

But there are SO. DAMN. MANY. that are also wonderful pets and members of the family.  Pitbulls do so many good things.  Some are therapy dogs, and can excell at it.  They protect their owners, their owners’ children, and other family pets.  Thousands of them do good things all the time.  But do we ever hear about these therapy dogs?  These loyal protectors?


We hear about the pits that lashed out in fear-aggression and bit a child.  That kill another dog.  That maul people.  We only hear about the dogs that have been so abused or badly bred that they know only how to act with aggression. 

They are far outnumbered by the good, but we never hear about them do we?

It’s truly sad…